Granite Worktops Trends

Granite worktops are increasing in popularity year on year, with 2013 being our busiest year ever. As people spend most of their time in the kitchen many opted to refurbish their kitchen in 2013 with granite worktops being the worktop of choice. The increasing popularity of granite worktops is due to the fact they are the most durable worktops money can buy and will last a lifetime in your kitchen.


Even though granite worktops are available in hundreds of colours. The most popular granite worktop colour was Absolute Black, which is a jet black colour. Due to the fact that Absolute Black worktops offer a timeless classic look that will complement any type of kitchen. The second most popular colour being Star Galaxy, which has a dark black background with a gold copper fleck. Star Galaxy like Absolute Black will also complement most kitchens, but probably looks best with a traditional oak kitchen.


Quartz worktops have also increased in popularity in 2013 due to the fact that they are available in a wide variety of colours. The most popular quartz worktop was Black Starlight, which is a jet black quartz with a silver mirror fleck. Many of our customers chose this colour as it is a modern worktop that will complement any contemporary kitchen. Also grey quartz worktops have never been so popular as they were in 2013, which may have something to do with the fact they appeared in all the popular housing magazines. This led to many quartz manufacturers such as Compac to launch a range of different shades of grey quartz worktops such as dim gray, warm gray and smoke gray. However granite worktops were still more popular than quartz worktops, most probably due to the natural look of a granite worktop compared to a quartz worktop.


Finally many people have come to realise that nothing adds more value to your house than a granite worktop as they are the focal point of your kitchen and the kitchen is the most important room of the house. This realisation has increased the demand for granite worktops, which will no doubt carry on in 2014.

Granite Worktops Trends


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