Granite Worktop Edge Profiles

Granite worktops come in many different edge profiles as they are a bespoke, custom made product. The edge profile really depends on personal preference, but some edge profiles look better with traditional kitchens and others with contemporary kitchens. As I like to say to my clients it is the details that make your kitchen unique and one of the most important details is the edge profile of your granite worktops. So in this article I am going to try and describe some of the most popular edge profiles and comment on the type of kitchen these edge profiles look good on.

Chamfer edge profile also known as square edge is the most popular edge profile that complements both traditional and contemporary kitchens.  It is basically a 90 degree straight edge with the top and bottom 2 mm of the edge at 45 degrees. This edge profile has straight clean lines and gives a minimalistic look, which says less is more.

Pencil round edge profile is the second most popular edge profile just after chamfered edge.  This edge profile is similar to the chamfered edge profile with the only difference being that the top and bottom 2 mm is rounded off rather than angled. This edge profile is often seen in laminated worktops, but is also popular with granite worktops.

Ogee edge profile sometimes referred to as the waterfall edge, as it looks like a waterfall with a curve at the bottom. This edge profile complements traditional country style kitchens and looks brilliant on Kashmir gold or Giallo Venezia granite worktops.

Bull nose edge profile is a curved edge, which similar to the ogee edge profile mainly suits traditional kitchens with its timeless classic look.

Half bull nose edge profile is a half curved edge profile, which will complement both contemporary and traditional kitchens.  As it is neither a very traditional or contemporary edge profile.

For those of our clients who want a more substantial edge profile we are able to combine two edge profiles together to give the appearance of a 40 mm or 60 mm granite worktop. Many clients go for a combine edge profile on an island bar the most popular combined edge profile is a top ogee edge profile sat on a full bull nose edge.

Finally whichever edge profile you decide on I would always recommend requesting a sample of that edge profile. To ensure that the particular edge profile complements your kitchen as well as the chosen granite worktop.

Granite Worktop Edge Profiles


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