Granite Or Marble- Which Is Best?

Natural stones add more value to the home whether you install them as flooring, worktops in kitchen and bathrooms or as coffee tables and decorative statues. The two most commonly used natural stones in the construction industry are granite and marble. While one is made of cool magma rocks, the other is a metamorphic rock of calcite or dolomite minerals.

So which one is best for what purpose?

Granite on the other hand is an igneous rock that is highly resistant to chemical, thermal and physical damage as compared to other worktop materials like hardwood, marble or recycled glass. Kitchen granite worktops are also popular with people because they are less susceptible to scratches and stains which are common in everyday kitchen work. You don’t have to spend 2 hours in your cookhouse cleaning the pasta sauce off the counter. A simple wipe with some warm water and dish soap is enough to keep granite worktops clean and shining.

Marble comes in beautiful light shades of white with pink, green, brown and grey flecks which are created by minor impurities in the rock mass. However, there are not many options available in colours and patterns with marble as there are with granite. Moreover, marble being soft is more porous and thus discolours easily with staining. It needs extensive care and cleaning to keep it shining like new.

Among the wide variety of options available at Marble4life, black granite worktop is the most popular among UK people.

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Granite Or Marble- Which Is Best?


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