How to choose an granite kitchen worktop

Benefits of granite kitchen worktops

Granite worktops

Best used: Any area of the kitchen, including around the sink and next to the hob or oven. A large expanse of glossy granite makes a striking island worktop

Best look: It’s a luxury material that never falls out of fashion and suits traditional and modern styles. Available in a variety of patterns, view our granite swatches here

Upkeep: Very low maintenance. Clean using a damp cloth and a mild detergent Sealing required: Granite requires an initial sealing, and then another about 10 years later

Durability: The best of all the natural materials, it can withstand high temperatures, is water resistant and impervious to most stains, but wine and citric acids must be cleaned up at once.

Flexibility and fitting: With advances in modern technology, granite can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Nationwide granite worktops

We supply granite kitchen worktops nationwide, click here to make an enquiry or click here for an instant granite worktop quotation.

How to choose an granite kitchen worktop


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