Features Of A Good Kitchen Worktop

Granites have now become synonymous with the kitchen worktops. Its beautiful looks and high glossy shine make it one of the most preferred worktop materials all over the globe. Here are the top features that make it a ‘Good Kitchen Worktop’:


1.Its durability- Granite stone being one of the hardest materials on earth (it is an igneous rock) is very durable and also have almost nil depreciative value over the years.


2.Heat resistant property- Kitchen is a place where one has to constantly work with hot objects. To provide safety for this, granite offers excellent heat resistance. It is however advised to use pen stands to provide an elevated surface for placing hot pans.


3.Stain proof- Granite is sealed to make it non porous which makes it resilient to stains and spills. It does not easily absorb stains or water marks and maintains its colour and shine throughout the years.


4.Easy maintenance- With so much to already do in the kitchen, one needs a worktop that would lessen their cleaning time and granite is a perfect model for this. It only takes a wet rag and some neutral dish soap to get it back to shinning like new.


Marble4Life has long been leading the granite worktop suppliers in the United Kingdom dealing in high quality granite and quartz worktop surfaces. To get a free quote for you kitchen according to its measurements and the choice of stone, fill a simple quotation form here or call our customer support at 01274 377600.

Features Of A Good Kitchen Worktop


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