Exotic Granite Worktops

In recent years the demand for exotic granite worktops has increased exponentially, due to the fact clients want a granite worktop that is unique.  No other worktop offers the uniqueness and exclusivity than an exotic granite worktop offers. Bearing this in mind Marble 4 Life have imported 4 new exotic granites from different parts of the world. These new exotic colours have been imported direct from the quarries allowing us to hand select the best quality materials, whilst ensuring we keep our prices competitive. These new exotic granite worktops are exclusively available at Marble 4 Life, so you will not see these colours anywhere else.

The first colour in the exotic range is royal gold, which is a rich gold colour with black veins running through the material like tiger skin. This is a very rare granite that will no doubt be the focal point of your kitchen with its amazing rich gold colour. Royal Gold is the perfect alternative to Kashmir Gold, Giallo Venezia and Giallo Imperial for someone who is looking for a gold or beige granite worktop with character and texture.

The second colour in the exotic range is Sky Black, which is a black colour with a blue pearly fleck. This colour is perfect for someone looking for a dark colour, but not a boring plain colour. The flecks in this colour reflect a beautiful pearly blue light, which really catches your eye. Also due to the fact this is a dark colour it is a very durable granite worktops, which is ideal for a well used kitchen.

The third colour in the exotic range is Diamond White, which is a white colour with grey and black spots. This light granite will reflect light into your kitchen. It will suit both traditional and contemporary kitchens and is the perfect alternative to Azul Platino or Kashmir White granites.

The final colour in the exotic range is Amazon Green, which as the name suggests is a green coloured granite. This particular granite has light and dark green patches as well as black veins running through it. It is a very unique in terms of the fact there is no other granite similar to Amazon Green on the market that offer such diversity in colour.

Exotic Granite Worktops


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