4 Easy Ways To Revive An Old Kitchen

Feel like your kitchen is needs a little revamp? Instead of sending large amounts of money on a complete overhaul, use these 4 simple ways to add a new spark to your cookhouse:

1. Replace cupboard doors– You can easily give your cupboards and cabinets a facelift by replacing the old doorknobs or entire doors. Repainting the doors is also a good option.

2. Add a splashback– Adding a splashback not only saves your walls from the accidental food splashes and blotches which are inevitable during cooking but also give your walls a designer look and feel. Use of glazed tiles and natural stones like granite and quartz is common nowadays.

3. Replace your countertop– Whether your worktop has become strewn with scratches and spill marks or you are simply tired of the old one, there are beautiful options you can explore in kitchen granite worktops. These are highly durable, luxurious looking counters that instantly make your kitchen look fabulous.

4. Upgrade the flooring– Kitchen is one of the most visited rooms of the house and continued use can wear down the wood and linoleum flooring very easily. Invest a little in upgrading your flooring to tiles or natural stone as a more durable option.

We hope these ideas inspired you to bring come much needed changes in your kitchen without having to shell out a small fortune. To know more about the various options in kitchen worktops or get a quick price quotation from Marble4life, call us at 01274 377600 or write an email at info@marble4life.co.uk.

4 Easy Ways To Revive An Old Kitchen


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