4 Easy Tips To Keep Your Granite Worktop New

Granite, although used in the construction industry in various forms, is most famous for its use as kitchen worktops. From black granite worktops to whites and other hues in distinct patterns, there is no shortage of colours and designs to be found in the wide granite stone market.


If you have also recently installed granite worktops in UK from marble4life, there are some maintenance tips you need to pay attention to keep your worktops sparkling like new.


1.Spills- Although most of the granites are highly stain and odour resistant, spills like coffee and wine can greatly affect the surface colour of your worktop if left unattended for longer periods of time; especially on light coloured granite surfaces. To combat this, wipe off such liquid spills as quickly as possible.


2.Daily cleaning- And this won’t take long. You would need to wipe off your counter simply with a wet rag after the end of each day. Make sure you use liquid dish soap cleaning at least once per week to get off the bacteria and remove any residue stains or dirt off the granite slab in your kitchen.


3.Reseal- This should be done after every 1-2 years in the start and you can gradually increase the time between the sealing of the stone to 3-4 years gradually. This helps in sealing the pores of the stone so that it becomes impervious to spills and stains.


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4 Easy Tips To Keep Your Granite Worktop New


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